Everything you need to know in 18 lines, no less.

First, no cheating and bug abusing in any form (Hacking, item duplication glitches, trying to crash the server, etc.), specially in pvp.

Second, swearing is allowed, but stepping out of the line and being toxic is not. Too much swearing will give you a warning.

Third, please do not spam the server's chat, spamming swears are also not allowed. Racism is tolerated if not aimed in a way that hurts another.

Fourth, asking/begging players/admins for ranks, items, etc. is not tolerated. It makes everyone uncomfortable and is not morally correct.

Fifth, scamming is not allowed. If you are doing a trade, please record the transaction so that you have evidence of the offense.

Sixth, do not grief, it is recommended to claim to avoid griefing. (refer to below for claim help, this basically makes your builds un-grief-able)

Seventh, if both players agree to friendly pvp, it should be honored, meaning the winner should give back the items to the player. But if you were attacked or you agreed to normal pvp, do not beg for your items back, it's up to the winner if they give mercy.

Eight, do not question admin judgement. If you think an admin is abusing, message me on discord along with proof. (Proof is required.)

Nine, please do not reject a screen-share or screenshot request.

Ten, pretending to cheat, and inciting others to cheat or act.

Eleven, inappropriate skins, nicknames, usernames, capes, or item names is illegal.

Twelve, advertising in chat, signs, item names, etc. is also illegal.

Thirteen, spreading malicious rumors, this not only confuses new players, but also ruins the viability of chat :(

Fourteen, illegal client modifications are not allowed. Mods such as shaders or optifine are allowed.

Fifteen, abusing ranks and administrator perms will have a punishment and removal of the rank/s.

Sixteen, a maximum of 16 entity spawners per chunk, going over this limit will have your spawners confiscated and removed.

And finally, Seventeen, troll claims and troll pets will be removed.

​Thank you for reading the rules! Have fun playing on UltraicMC!

Background images: KingOfCubes25 (Discord: king of cubes#4257)