First, no cheating and bug abusing in any form (This includes but is not limited to: illegal client modifications or hacking, item duplication glitches, trying to crash the server, etc.)
AFK fish farms are allowed, but only those that hold right-click. Client mods that let you fish automatically without such are illegal.

Second, swearing is allowed, but stepping out of the line and being toxic is not. Saying 'gay' or the n-word won't get you punished unless you use it in a derogatory/insulting way, e.g. racism.

Third, do not spam the server's chat, this includes general spam, advertisements, etc.

Fourth, don't beg players or admins for ranks and items. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

Fifth, scamming is not allowed. If you're going to trade, please record the transaction so that you have evidence of the offense.

Sixth, do not grief nor steal, it is recommended to claim to avoid griefing. Troll claims and troll mobs will also be removed. Even if the area isn't claimed; as long as it looks like an established area, griefing it will count.

Seventh, if both players agree to friendly pvp, it should be honored, meaning the winner should give back the items to the player. If not, then free thy reign.
As of 10/1/2021, only consented PVP is legal. You are allowed to kill a player on your claim/property if you've told them to leave multiple times (properly) and they did not follow.

Eight, rejecting screenshot or screenshot requests will make you guilty as charged, although they rarely do happen as they're mostly unnecessary.

Nine, pretending to cheat, and inciting others to cheat or act.

Ten, spreading malicious rumors & identity theft. This not only confuses new players, but also ruins the viability of chat.

Eleven, inappropriate or advertising in skins, nicknames, usernames, capes, or item names is illegal. Above all, never advertise this server on others. Respect not only this server, but others as well. If you're a member or admin of another server and had a player advertise our server on yours, please make a ticket so I can take action on our end.

Twelve, abusing staff or other ranks will have a punishment and removal of the ranks.

Thirteen, a maximum of 16 entity spawners in 4 chunks, going over this limit will have your extra spawners confiscated and removed.

Finally, fourteen, if a staff member believes that you should be punished even if the rule isn't explicitly stated, it'll happen. But, if you think a staff member is abusing, make a ticket on discord along with proof. Don't be afraid to put it out.

You can report rule breakers and griefing at the #reports channel in our discord server.
DO NOT DM OR PING STAFF. All staff are volunteers, and most are now inactive.
Please respect their time and efforts, and let them have their peace.

These rules are subject to change. Last edited: 2022-12-11

​Thank you for reading the rules. There's a lot, but we want to experience to stay fun for everyone. Not just me and you.