The official server modpack to improve FPS & performance for both low & high-end systems for 1.18, since clients on 1.16 and below will no longer be officially supported on the server.

Installing Fabric

You'll need to have Minecraft 1.18 installed first!
You can check out our guide

Fabric Download

If you're using the official minecraft launcher, you'll need to launch 1.18.1 vanilla once before launching Fabric.

If you're using TLauncher, you can follow their guide on how to install Fabric here.

Installing the Modpack

Now we can install the official server modpack!
This adds most optifine features and massive performance increases.

You can download it with the links below!

Just drag and drop the contents of the zip file to your mods folder.
("%appdata%\.minecraft\mods" by default)


download | mirror

This is the performance version, but it doesn't support shaders for extra performance.

- Recommended for low-spec devices -

Last Updated [12/11/2021]

shader support

download | mirror

This is the version that supports shaders, but this isn't recommended for low-end devices.

- Recommended for mid to high-spec devices -

Last Updated [12/11/2021]

How much will I benefit from the modpack?

Expand this for a detailed summary of what all the mods do.

Dependencies (Required for the mods to run)

Cloth Config - (cloth-config-6.0.45-fabric.jar)

FabricAPI - (fabric-api-0.44.0+1.18.jar)

Indium - (indium-1.0.1+mc1.17.1.jar)

Performance (Main)

CullLeaves - Optimizes leaves by a lot. Optional texture pack to make the leaves look better.

This mod's effects are a lot more apparent in Jungle biomes, where are lots of leaves. (cullleaves-2.3.2.jar)

DynamicFPS - Minecraft takes massive amounts of resources when running in the background.

This mod makes renderer lock to 1FPS or none at all (configurable) when Minecraft isn't in focus.

This is especially great if you AFK with Minecraft. (dynamic-fps-2.0.6.jar)

EnhancedBlockEntities - Optimizes block models. (enhancedblockentities-0.5+1.18.jar)

EntityCulling - Prevents rendering of all the entities and tile entities that you don't see.

Doesn't impact visuals, but massive performance increase especially on places with lots of entities like mobs, hoppers & chests, etc. (EntityCulling-Fabric-1.3.3.jar)

Hydrogen - Reduces Minecraft's ram usage by using more efficient logic. (hydrogen-fabric-mc1.18.1-0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar)

Krypton [Disabled due to incompatibility with 1.18.1] - Improves network performance for Minecraft. Useful for people who have lower internet connections or want lower latency. (krypton-0.1.5.jar)

LazyDFU - Leads to faster boot times while reducing the lag spike that minecraft causes on boot. Doesn't reduce performance in-game.

Comparison here: (lazydfu-0.1.2.jar)

Lithium - All-around optimization mod. (lithium-fabric-mc1.18-0.7.6-rc1.jar)

Sodium - The most important mod in this list. MASSIVELY increases FPS. (sodium-fabric-mc1.18.1-rc1-0.4.0-alpha5+build.812.jar)

Important note. Sodium for 1.18 is still very new, so the FPS increase is not as significant as before.

Patches from before will be ironed out and then added into newer versions of this mod.

Expect this modpack to be updated every few days or so.

Starlight - Second most important. This makes the lighting engine for minecraft up to 3500% faster than vanilla. (starlight-1.0.0+fabric.d0a3220.jar)

IRIS - A shaders mod that supports sodium. Currently is in its alpha stages for 1.18.

Note that Optifine shaders will not always work for this. A list of usable shaders are available here.

Extras (Features & Cosmetics)

Continuity - Adds connected textures to the game. (continuity-1.0.3+1.18.jar)

CraftPresence - Adds better & customizable Discord intergration to minecraft. (CraftPresence-Fabric-1.18-Release-1.8.8.jar)

FabriShot - Adds support for higher resolution screenshots. (fabrishot-1.6.0.jar)

LambDynamicLights - Adds dynamic lights back to the game. (lambdynamiclights-2.1.0+1.17.jar)

ModMenu - Allows for easier configuration of mods. (modmenu-3.0.0.jar)

OkZoomer - Adds better zoom than optifine. (okzoomer-5.0.0-beta.3+1.17.1.jar)

SodiumExtras - Adds more options in video settings. (sodium-extra-mc1.18-0.3.7.jar)

Transparent - Adds support for texture packs with transparent textures. (transparent-2.1.0-fabric.jar)

optimizing your settings

More optimizations will likely soon come here, but the performance modpack above is 95% of the way there.