1.18 Data Loss

> 1.18 archives part 1-4 have been lost.

This data loss did not affect 1.17 and the current server.
Due to Google randomly terminating the google drives used to contain the partfiles for the 1.18 world, parts 1-4 have been lost.
I have tried multiple times to download the data from the accounts, or appeal the request, all of which had issues.

Even though the download links were still up (yet inacessible), the data that was supposed to be included in a whole-account download weren't there.
Google does not have any support channels that are accessible for this issue.

Note that while part 5 remains, this does not mean that data can be recovered. When archives are split, parts of the files are usually split between the number of archives created--causing the entire world to be unavailable if even a single one was corrupted.

If you have any copies of the partfiles lost that were made public, please reach out via DMs.

> In light of this very clear mistake, all UltraicMC archives are now absurdly redundant.
To ensure this never happens again, all archives have been backed up to two mirrored google drives, one drive in mega, and another for cold storage. (a physical drive.)
In essence, we have four levels of redundancy.

I am highly confident that no data loss of UltraicMC archives should ever happen.
If I'm able to recover more data from 1.18, I'll let you all know.