The download links for the archived worlds, and how to use them.


UltraicMC offers these downloads for the community.
Due to the nature of these files and their sheer size, these downloads are provided as-is, and no official support will be provided, except these instructions.

If you think there are issues with the download links, let us know @ the reports channel in our Discord server.


- WinRAR (recommended) or other unarchiving software that you prefer.

- The specific Minecraft version for the world you want to download, running the world in a different or outdated version will either convert or corrupt it and likely lag your computer.

- A lot of usable disk space. Yes, you heard that right.
You'll need space for the archive itself compressed, and even moreso uncompressed. You'll need to uncompress the archives in order to use them as Minecraft worlds. You can check the downloads area for the required space for that version.

1.17 Links & Downloads

Total space required: 114GB~

Compressed: 47.2GB~ | Uncompressed: 66.4GB~

Optional / Standalone:

Nether | Compressed: 1.6GB~ | Uncompressed: 2.8GB~

End | The end was never activated in 1.17.

1.18 Links & Downloads

Total space required: 169GB~

Compressed: 74.5GB~ | Uncompressed: 96.5GB~

Optional / Standalone:

Nether | Compressed: 5GB~ | Uncompressed: 8.3GB~

End | Compressed: 5.9GB~ | Uncompressed: 41.2GB~ (yes, compression is magic)

Unfortunately, the overworld world downloads, have been lost. This is explained in our Discord. A copy of that message can be located here:

Please know that the chances of a major data loss like this happening in the future is extremely unlikely due to actions that I have taken.

1.19 Links & Downloads

Total space required: 167GB~

Compressed: 73.1GB~ | Uncompressed: 93.7GB~

Optional / Standalone:

Nether | Compressed: 5.4GB~ | Uncompressed: 8.6GB~

End | Compressed: 4.3GB~ | Uncompressed: 37.8GB~

Recommended Steps

1. Download all the archive part files.

2. Place them all onto one folder, like shown on the right.

5. Extract the files. You should extract them to `%appdata%\.minecraft\saves\worldname` The world name can be anything without spaces or special characters.

6a. Wait. This all depends on your processor, storage speeds, and other possible bottlenecks. 

6b. If you have your archive on another drive, and want to extract it, I recommend using the "Extract To" button instead of drag and dropping. Otherwise you may run out of space or take longer to extract (around an hour more.)

Extraction time references for 1.17:

Intel Celeron, 4GB, 2.5in HDD - 1h 10m. (Ultraic)
Ryzen 5 2400G, 16GB, 2.5in HDD - 30m. (Ultraic)

If you also tried extracting this archive and want to provide data, let me know @ the discord server.

3. Open the first file, the one ending in world.part1. This may have a '.rar' extension depending on your system settings.

4. Due to the archive's size, it may take a while for all the file entries to be read. Wait until it is done.

OPTIONAL - Nether & End

These are optional downloads, you can run the overworld fine without them. Downloading & installing may require significantly more space.

7a. These follow the same steps,  except select ONLY the "DIM-1" folder (for the Nether) or the "DIM1" folder (for the end), and then extract those to the world folder.

7b. If you want to download only these worlds (standalone), you can extract them onto a separate folder on their own, and include the other files on the archive.

Extraction time references for 1.18:

Intel Celeron, 4GB, 2.5in HDD - 2h 20m. (Ultraic)
Ryzen 5 2400G, 16GB, 2.5in HDD - 59m. (Ultraic)

If you also tried extracting this archive and want to provide data, let me know @ the discord server.